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How to handle anxiety around milestones like marriage and home ownership: ‘The pressure keeps me awake’

Anxieties about ticking off the traditional boxes are badly affecting people in their 20s and 30s. Counsellor Natasha Silverman advises two young women how to take a step back and stop the creeping panic

I’m a relationship therapist – here’s what most couples are getting wrong

Through my work, I’ve noticed four common themes and conversations that go to the root of how we experience love and connection with our partners

When you’re feeling low and uninspired, these simple self-care tips are guaranteed to give you a boost

Fed up? Struggling to get out of bed? Writer Faima Bakar explores how we can navigate the generally miserable atmosphere right now – by concentrating on our own wellbeing.

Top tips for dating at University from Relate

Wanting to be with someone is completely natural. Having the urge to be coupled up and find a significant other to share experiences with is completely natural and so is acting on those feelings. Deciding to actively date can be daunting but it can also be fun. So here are some tips to navigate the dating world safely. 

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TikTok’s ‘marriage humour’ trend makes matrimony look hellish

In a new TikTok trend, couples are mining the petty irritations of married life in the name of comedy but is a public platform really the place to air your frustrations with your sex life or your partner’s worst habits

Not going out: how the cost of living crisis is destroying young people’s social lives

After the curbs of lockdown, many young people are finding themselves stuck at home again – raising fears over loneliness and mental health


Millennials and Gen Z Feel More Pressure to Hit Life Milestones, Survey Shows

Pressure to hit social milestones such as getting married, having children and buying a house is affecting younger people more than previous generations, research suggests.

Tiny irritations that can ruin your marriage

Is even their voice grating on you? It might be time to take a big, deep breath and choose the path of harmony

Welcome to the new age of Performative Coupledom

Celebrities are raising PDAs to the level of performance art - and we're lapping it up.

How to know if your standards are too low when dating – and how to set better ones

Dating when you have low standards can also be a minefield. Rather than rule people out too quickly, these people let bad matches linger for too long.

How to know if your standards are too high when dating

Whether you’re a dating novice, fresh out of a long relationship or have been burned too many times and want to protect yourself, standards are hard to balance.

How to turn crisis into contentment

The secret is understanding that love and life evolves.

Pre-commitment therapy is now a thing

Couples therapy isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when we think of love’s young dream. Weddings and first kisses get plenty of air time but the work that goes into successful relationships over months and years is rarely the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters.

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julie mccarthy: jewels says

Episode 37: Declining Desire: with Tasha the Love Therapist

Jewels says the way to a man's heart is through his libido and the way to a woman's libido is through her heart. She has a candid chat with love and relationship therapist, Natasha Silverman, about some myths, tropes and truth when it comes to sexual desire in committed relationships.


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