Big Steps Therapy

Big changes in life often have an impact on our relationships. Perhaps you’re hoping to prepare for a big transition - either individually or as a couple - or maybe your relationship is struggling right now.

Couples & individuals in relationships

I work with couples and individuals who are in relationships, to support a wide variety of issues. Your relationship might be in distress or has broken down, you could be struggling with communication, arguments, emotional or physical intimacy, or finding couple collaboration and teamwork difficult. Perhaps you want to iron out problematic issues before things reach breaking point, or develop the skills you need to handle the inevitable bumps in the road later down the line. 

Where appropriate, I provide strategies, techniques and exercises to facilitate tangible, positive changes in your relationship more quickly.

Relationship M.O.T.

No relationship is perfect, so it’s perfectly normal to recognise that there are “hotspots” or areas in your relationship that leave room for improvement. You don’t have to wait until your relationship is in distress before seeking support. Prevention is key to helping your relationship thrive.

Singles & those who are dating

If you want to be able to create healthy, satisfying relationships, work towards a more secure attachment style, or to break the pattern of toxic partners, then relationship therapy can help you look inward and create new relational patterns of interacting for a more positive relational future.

I have a particular interest in working with young women to empower them to know, understand, and unapologetically be their true selves, improving self esteem and confidence in life, dating and relationships.

Heartbreak recovery

Relationship breakdown can feel absolutely devastating. In addition to the pain and grief or a separation or break-up, it is not uncommon to feel the loss of the life you had, and the future you pictured together.

Many people also experience a shattering of self-esteem and confidence coming out of a relationship. Relationship counselling can help you to heal.

Parents in conflict

I am a counsellor and parenting practitioner to co-parents - separated or in a relationship - who wish to improve their communication and conflict with the wellbeing of their children in mind.

All parents argue, but research has clearly found that children who grow up with parents that argue in ways that are unhealthy, have poorer outcomes in childhood and later in life, in terms of their emotional and physical wellbeing. Improving the way you communicate and disagree will set your children up to flourish. 

Where appropriate I provide strategies, techniques and exercises to facilitate tangible, positive changes in your parenting relationship more quickly.

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